If you’re trying to decide which type of carpet you should choose – then there are several factors worth considering. We’ve provided some insights into wool versus synthetic carpets, to help you understand the key differences.

Wool Carpet is often considered to be the best in terms of quality and appearance and it certainly feels great under foot too! Wool is a natural insulator, so it can help to reduce energy costs in your home. Wool carpet is also a great option for those with allergies as it is hypoallergenic, helping to clean the air by absorbing dust and allergens. Dirt is stored high in the pile of wool carpet, so this tends to make it easier to vacuum.

All this sounds great so far. Now comes the ‘but wait’ advice, before you run off to place your order. Wool is extremely absorbent, which makes it highly susceptible to staining. So if you have pets or children, this may not be your best option. Another aspect you may not be aware of is that wool carpet can attract carpet moths, which thrive in humid environments. They can cause ‘bald’ patches in your carpet, resulting in permanent damage. In terms of price, wool carpets are also generally more expensive.

So our recommendation is simple. If you want a great look, have no kids or pets, and will ensure your carpets are vacuumed regularly and professionally cleaned every year – then wool carpet is for you!

Synthetic Carpet has its pros and cons too! Synthetic carpets are very durable and have the ability to bounce back to their original shape more easily. As they have low absorption rates, this makes them less likely to stain, and less likely to develop mould or mildew. Solution dyed synthetic carpet is also fairly resistant to fading from sunlight, helping to avoid patchy colouration over time.

Most synthetic carpets are cheaper than wool, so they are a more economical option. On the negative side, as they have low absorption, they can feel colder in winter and hotter in summer. This low absorption also means synthetic carpet doesn’t hold any properties capable of improving air quality.

The most compelling case for choosing a synthetic carpet is its durability. If you have pets or children, then this is likely to provide you with a sturdier option – although of course no carpet is completely stain resistant.

Like any important choice for your home, it really comes down to your individual needs and tastes. Both types of carpet offer their own benefits – we hope we’ve provided some information to help you to decide which one is right for you and your family.

Wool or synthetic, whichever type you choose, naturally we still recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned every year!