Commercial Carpet Cleaning


In the last couple of years new technology has evolved  for the maintenance of commercial carpeting. Prior to about 2007 when many commercial companies opted to have their carpeting cleaned they were either offered the choice of steam cleaning with a portable unit that came inside the building [labor intensive therefore time consuming, noisy and water usage is very high] or a truck mount unit which stayed outside the building and therefore security was a problem because something needs to be left open to allow the hoses to run
inside. Both these methods quite often left less than desirable results when you take into account the time it took to dry especially inside a sealed office or similar building so the areas that were cleaned could not be put back in use very quickly.

Also because of the nature of most commercial carpeting a lot of problems occurred in the drying stage of the process where dirt that was not
properly removed wicked up to the surface of the carpet and left a fairly patchy result. Now with the advent of Encapsulation Cleaning a lot of these problems are a thing of the past. The name encapsulation comes from the development of a special type of polymer which is present in the cleaning solution that as it dries forms a tough crystal [unseen to the naked eye]which by its very nature wants to surround or encapsulate any dirt particles left after vacumimg.These crystals then break away from the carpet fiber and are vacuumed up in the course of routine vacuuming within the premises.

This process all happens on a microscopic level so it will be unseen to you or your customers.
Any polymer that is left in the carpet has the added benefit of resisting any further soiling and is totally harmless and inert therefore your carpets will stay cleaner longer. So in summery encapsulation cleaning is  very efficient, quiet[the machine used to apply the encap solution uses an electric motor the plugs into any 10 amp socket], the carpets dry very quickly so in most situations areas can be put back into service within an hour, water usage is kept to a minimum-we use about 10% of what a steam cleaning method would use, waste water is non-existent
unlike steam cleaning- much better for our planet, and of course the results are usually much better than any previous methods used to clean commercial carpeting. So if you are tired of average results and disruptions to your business just to get the carpet cleaned give encapsulation cleaning a try and give Smart Choice Carpet Cleaning a call today.