Many business owners believe that having their carpets professionally cleaned is a big hassle! Misconceptions include how much disruption there will be to the business and in particular, how long it will take to dry. 


Recent years have seen many advancements in the technology available to clean and maintain commercial carpeting. Prior to about 2007, there were only 2 real options. Businesses were offered the choice of steam cleaning with either a portable or truck mount unit. Portable units used inside the building are labour intensive, time consuming, noisy, have high water usage and lengthy drying times. No wonder it was seen as a hassle! Truck mount units sat inside vans that had to be close to the building, had limited hose lengths and of course meant external doors of the premises needed to be left open throughout the cleaning process. Not an ideal option either.

In addition, both methods had lengthy drying times, which could be particularly frustrating when considering premises usually needed to be locked once any after-hours cleaning had been completed. With little ventilation, this often further extended the drying time, meaning business interruption was considerable. If carpet was walked on prior to being fully dry, this often created a ‘patchy’ result.

The introduction of Low Moisture Encapsulation (Dry) Cleaning has made these problems a thing of the past. The name encapsulation comes from the development of a special type of harmless polymer which is present in the cleaning solution, which as it dries, forms a tough crystal (unseen to the naked eye) which literally ‘encapsulates’ or surrounds dirt particles. These crystals then break away from the carpet fibre and are captured in the course of normal vacuuming.

This process all happens on a microscopic level, so it is unseen by you or your customers. Any polymers that are left in the carpet have the added benefit of creating a barrier against further soiling, helping your carpets to stay cleaner for longer. 

Other benefits of Low Moisture Encapsulation include low noise, more efficient, less overall time required and of course quick drying. In most situations, areas can be put back into service within an hour. The low moisture method only uses about 10% of the water that steam cleaning requires, and of course there is no waste water – all of which is much more environmentally friendly.

The icing on the cake is that Low Moisture Encapsulation usually produces a far superior result, with your carpets looking better initially as well as over a longer period. So if you’ve been putting off having your commercial carpets cleaned because of all the ‘hassle’, there’s no longer a reason to delay. Clean carpets help to create a pleasant and healthy environment for your customers and your staff.

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